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Common Kitchen Plumbing Mistakes and Their Potential Outcomes


Plumbers see common kitchen plumbing problems on a daily basis. A plumber at Scotto's Plumbing can help you diagnose the problems and provide emergency plumbing services. Learn more by visiting this page about common kitchen plumbing issues and their potential outcomes. We also discuss the harmful effects of dishwashing drain cleaning chemicals.

Overtightening Connections

Overtightening a plumbing connection can be dangerous. Not only can it result in leaks, it can also crack the pipe, which may require extensive repair work. Also, an overtightened connection can make it difficult to cut free. So, it is important to never overtighten plumbing connections.

A common kitchen plumbing mistake is overtightening connections. Tightening them just enough to prevent leaks is essential, but overtightening them can damage the pipe's threads and ruin the rubber seal. Always tighten connections with your fingers, and do not give them more than an eighth of a turn with your pliers.

The same applies to pipe fittings. Overtightening them will cause leaks. Tightening them too much can strip threads and even crack plastic pipes. In some cases, this may not be noticed right away, but it will result in a leaking faucet.

Improper Type and Wrapping Direction of PTFE tape

Incorrect Type and Wrapping Direction of PTFE Tape in Kitchen Plumbing – Using the wrong type of PTFE tape can cause your kitchen plumbing to leak. PTFE tape is a type of sealant that is commonly used to cover joints. Its properties vary based on its color, so it is important to choose the right type for your particular application.

PTFE tape is made to withstand moderately high pressure and high temperatures. It is also suitable for most fuels. When applying PTFE tape, make sure to start wrapping slightly below the first line of threading. If you want a tight seal, wrap it from the endpoint backward. If you don't properly wrap the pipe joint, PTFE tape can leak into the connected tanks or fuel lines.

When wrapping PTFE tape in kitchen plumbing, the wrapper should wrap around the pipe thread and overlap the ends by half of their width. Don't twist the tape as you wrap it; it can cause the threads to unwind or ruck up, which is a big no-no when it comes to protecting the pipes.

Dishwasher Drain Cleaning Chemicals Harmful Effect

The chemicals in dishwasher drain cleaning solutions can be harmful to our health and environment. They can burn our skin and lungs, and can even kill us if we ingest them. Many parents are not comfortable having their children or pets around these harmful chemicals, and we should also avoid using these chemicals if we can.

Chemical drain cleaners are very effective in cleaning out the kitchen sink or drain but they can also damage your dishwasher. In addition to damaging your dishwasher, the drain cleaner residue can attach to your dishes in subsequent wash cycles. These residues are not only harmful to your health, but they can also damage the dishwasher's internal parts, which can lead to leaks and mechanical problems that require repair.

Chemical drain cleaners contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These VOCs are highly harmful to the environment and are a major source of air pollution in urban areas. This is why most plumbers warn against the use of Drano or any other drain cleaner that is not biodegradable. These chemicals are made to dissolve organic matter, such as hair and oil, which clog the pipes. The chemicals are highly toxic and can harm your pipes, as well as waterways, wildlife, and humans.